Product Code: RC5-KP

Price: $218.00

Key Pad Secure Remote Control Monitor

Convenience, security and style - all in one package.

Juice Goose produces the RC5 accessory line as an economical option for power sequencing remote control. Any RC5 operates any Juice Goose CQ Series power sequencer.  The RC5-KPS fits in a Decora faceplate. Three button operation controls a CQ power sequencing product or network of products.

The RC5-KPS provides secure access to the power sequencing control features. Sequencing operation requires the user to enter a four digit code using the three push buttons on the RC5-KPS. Entering that code will sequence one or more CQ Series products up. Entering the code a second time will sequence the products down. The code can be changed from the factory preset.

LEDs on the front of the RC5-KPS indicate sequence up or down completion. Two LEDs report sequence completion status. The RC5-KPS connects to a CQ Series product with RJ45 cable. It requires no additional power supply.


  • Security Control
  • Sequence Up and Sequence Down Capability
  • Indicator Lights for Sequence Completion
  • Decora Styling

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