Product Code: RC DM1

Price: $243.00


The RC-DM1 will initiate a sequence down of CQ Series power sequencers in the event of an alarm. This product features a contact terminal for connection to a contact closure on an alarm control panel. So long as a contact is maintained on the terminal all connected CQ Series products will sequence up and down normally. When that contact is opened the RC-DM1 will begin an orderly sequence down process for all CQ products it controls. Connection of this terminal to a normally open alarm trigger will allow the RC-DM1 to sequence down a powered system in the event of a safety related event.


In order to silence an audio system in the event of an emergency, the RC DM1 provides an interface between a latching, dry contact on an alarm panel and a Juice Goose CQ Series power sequencer. In the event an alarm is activated the power distribution units connected to the control line output from the RC DM1 will sequence down. This product requires a 12 VAC power source (supplied with the unit).

INSTALLATION (See Manual for additional information)

Select a location with access to AC power required for the 12 VAC power supply. Mount the unit to a stable surface using appropriate hardware.

The "Input” RJ 45 cable port is to be connected to the CQ Series control line leading from a power control point (e.g. RC5 remote control accessory, CQ Series power module or user provided maintained contact closure). The "Output” port should be connected to a CQ Series control line leading to a CQ Series product providing power to either an audio source or an audio amplifier or both. The control lines should be assembled using RJ45 cabling configured according to published instructions from Juice Goose. (Refer to CQ Series product manual or the Juice Goose web site for details.) Remove the metal jumper between the terminal screws. The terminals on the RC DM1 should be connected to the alarm panel so that a contact is maintained between the terminals in normal, safe circumstances. In the event of an alarm, that contact should open.


So long as a dry contact is maintained between the terminals on the RC DM1, the CQ Series power sequencers will work normally, allowing sequenced turn on and off of all networked power distribution devices. When that terminal contact is opened (removed), all CQ Series sequencers connected via control line to the "Output” of the RC DM1 will sequence down in order from the farthest connected power device to the one closest to the RC DM1.

Once the alarm condition has been corrected and a contact between the terminals has been restored, the CQ Series power units on the Output of the RC DM1 will sequence back up starting with the unit closest to the RC DM1.