Product Code: RC DM3

Price: $439.00

Connects Multiple Remote Control and Alarm Locations

The easy to install RC-DM3 can control a CQ Series power sequencing system from up to three independent, remote locations. Plus, it provides easy to install forced sequence down in the event of an alarm.

The RC-DM3 is a very convenient remote control combiner which allows plug-and-play coordination of up to three control points for a CQ Series power sequencing system.

With the RC-DM3 a CQ Series power sequencer can be monitored and activated with key switch security from up to three independent control locations. The RC-DM3 activates one of to to three RC-5 remote control terminals depending on which of the terminals was the latest to be used. When the switch position on one RC-5 changes the RC-DM3 automatically communicates that change to the CQ power sequence system. Connection of the RC-DM3 is simple, requiring the same signal line connection as other CQ Series products.

The RC-DM3 also features a contact terminal on the back of the chassis. If no contact is made across this terminal the RC-DM3 will begin an orderly sequence down process for all CQ products it controls. Connection of this terminal to a normally open alarm trigger will allow the RC-DM3 to sequence down a powered system in the event of a safety related event.

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