Product Code: CQ 1520

Price: $613.00

Three Sequence 20 AMP Power Distribution System with Remote Control Capability

This is a great product for "front of house" applications or anywhere AC power protection is needed for several pieces of low current equipment that need to be controlled and sequenced.

The CQ-1520 is a single space rack mount device featuring 7 AC power outputs on the rear of the chassis with a combined rating of 20 amps . One output is unswitched. The remaining 6 outputs are grouped into 3 Power Pods of two outputs each. Each Power Pod is an individual sequence event. All outputs have surge and spike protection. 

Because the CQ-1520 has a self contained sequencing circuit, it can be the master or slave in a power sequencing system. Either eight wire RJ-45 or six wire RJ-12 cable can be connected to this unit's Signal Input and/or Signal Output connectors to link it's operations with other CQ or control devices.

The 20 amp capacity of this unit requires it to be assembled with a 12 gauge power cable and a NEMA 5/20P plug at the end of the power cord. This cable can only be inserted into a 20 amp rated  AC receptacle.

Surge Protection and LED Function

The CQ-1520 features replaceable, fast acting, triple stage AC surge protection across line and neutral without ground line contamination. This protection is designed to be durable and is expected to last for many years in a normally occurring power line environment.

A blue/red flashing Processor LED indicates the continuing operation of the circuit and logic that controls and drives the sequencer while protected from power line surges between line and neutral. Should the surge protection fail due to excessive surge exposure or an extreme power line event the Processor LED on the front of the CQ will blink red. To replace the surge protection contact Juice Goose for instructions and materials: 713-772-1404, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Individual blue "Pod" LEDs are tied to the output of each of the sequencer relays. Each LED lights when its relay latches. 

Processor LED Function: Blue/Red Flashing = Sequencer and Surge Protection OK. Blinking Red = Sequencer OK, Surge Protection Failure. Solid Blue or Off = Sequencer Failure

Sequence Timing Adjustment

For CQ Series products, standard delay time between sequence up and sequence down events is 2 seconds. That can be adjusted in the CQ 1520 by changing position of two DIP switches located on the main control circuit board. Timing options are 2 seconds (standard), 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. Detailed instructions about making those changes are included in the CQ Series Manual.

Datasheet - May 2023


Manual - May 2023

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