Product Code: iP 50-RX

Price: $663.00

Web Based Power Controller

The Juice Goose iP 50-RX is a web based power distribution device with RX Series AC power protection that can be accessed via Ethernet connection. With this remote access, two individual AC receptacles can be turned on and off independently. The iP 50-RX has a fifteen amp capacity.

The iP 50-RX can be controlled by the on board web server graphic interface (GUI) that can be accessed by any web browser. It can also be remote controlled by TCP/IP or UDP connection to commercial or proprietary control systems.


The iP 50-RX chassis measures only 1.75” H x 9.0” W x 9.5” D and weighs only five pounds. Side mounting flanges and a detachable power cord make installation convenient. It features high quality, all steel construction as well as the most important features needed for web based remote control.

  •    On board web server (GUI), TCP/IP or UDP remote control
  •     Easy set up
  •     Front panel indicators for network connection and outlets on
  •     Administrator and User login options
  •     Automatic Power Cycle to reboot a network data router if network connection is lost
  •     RX Series AC line surge protection

Using third party programs the iP 50-RX can be scheduled to turn on and off at specific times. Also, its outlets can be sequenced on and off if required for application in audio systems. This remote control can also be used to reboot DSPs or other processor based electronics as well as to save energy costs by scheduling electronic equipment to turn off when not in use.


All iP Series products have an on board web server that provides graphic user interface for controlling equipment connected to the iP Series unit. This feature is available for remote use as soon as the IP address of the unit is entered in a web browser.


It is possible to control and monitor iP 50-RX over Ethernet using raw TCP protocol. In this mode, any PC ( Windows, Linux, Mac ) can connect to the iP 50-RX over a TCP/IP connection using a suitable TCP/IP client program. Once the connection is made, the console commands are available to the user over TCP/IP as if the user was connected to IP 50-RX over the local serial connection.


There are four LED lights on the front of the iP 50 chassis. Two lights indicate which of the two Power Pods have been turned on. One light indicates that the iP 50 is plugged into electric power and connected to an active data network. This light will blink in the event of a network disconnection or failure. A fourth light indicates the status of AC line surge protection.


Juice Goose RX Series products use a patented Hybrid Filter Technology to clean up both normal mode (between line and neutral) and common mode (between neutral and ground) noise without contaminating the ground line. Many popular power conditioners are less effective on normal mode and provide  little or no protection from common mode interference. "Series mode” protection circuits are not designed to protect against common mode disturbances on the ground line.

The Hybrid Filter Technology includes components that act as a low pass filter which reduces high frequency interference. Other components absorb or divert high speed, high energy normal and common mode surges that can cause immediate or eventual damage to electronic components. Energy impulses as great as 6,000 volts are reduced to no more than 10 volts between hot and neutral and only 0.5 volts between neutral and ground.

The RX Series circuit also protects against structural wiring problems. Relays in the RX Series unit prevent operation in conditions of incorrect hot, neutral or ground wiring connection or in the event of dangerously high voltage. If this unit is plugged into an outlet that is not properly wired - if hot, neutral and ground are not properly connected - power will not pass to the receptacles and a light on the front of the unit will indicate a wiring fault. Therefore, a functioning ground connection is required to operate any RX Series product. This same safety measure functions when incoming voltage exceeds 150 volts. In this over voltage situation the unit will not pass power to connected equipment.

Juice Goose RX Series power protection technology is particularly valuable because it works against common mode (ground line) as well as normal mode events. While common mode surges and disturbances don’t typically cause catastrophic damage, they can result in operating failures and improper performance of digital processing equipment.

Compared with the low operating voltage of processor logic, a power anomaly of  even 1 or 2 volts on data lines or logic ground can cause problems. That’s why the RX Series products have a voltage surge  let through of only 1/2 volt between neutral and ground. These products also protect against more dramatic events. Connected equipment is safe from surges up to 6,000 volts at 3,000 amps on hot, neutral and ground.

The iP 50-RX design also includes protection from external wiring faults including hot-neutral reversal, missing ground  and over voltage. LEDs on the chassis indicate when surge protection is functioning and when there is an external wiring fault that prevents power output.