Product Code: iP 1515

Price: $832.00

Web Based Power Controller

The Juice Goose iP 1515 is a web based power distribution device with AC power protection that can be accessed via internet or intranet communications using Ethernet or RS232 connection. With this remote access, individual AC receptacles can be turned on and off. The iP 1515 has a fifteen amp capacity. The iP 1515 provides economical web or intranet based remote power control to six receptacles grouped into three individual Power Pods. These Pods can be turned on and off individually from anywhere. 

The iP 1515 can be controlled by the on board web server graphic interface that can be accessed by any web browser.
It can also be remote controlled by RS232 or TCP/IP connection to commercial or proprietary control systems.

The iP 1515 is priced many hundreds of dollars below comparable Ethernet addressable power modules.
Yet, it features high quality design and construction as well as the most important features needed for web based remote control.

  • Web server (GUI), TCP/IP, UDP or RS232 remote control
  • Local fail safe sequencing and manual override
  • On-board web server for easy set up, control, sequencing and monitoring
  • Front panel indicators for network connection, surge protection and outlets on
  • Administrator and User login options
  • Automatic Power Cycle to reboot a network data router if network connection is lost
  • AC surge protection

Using third party programs the iP 1515 can be scheduled to turn on and off at specific times. Also, its outlets can be sequenced on and off if required for application in audio systems. This remote control can also be used to reboot DSPs or other processor based electronics as well as to save energy costs by scheduling electronic equipment to turn off when not in use.

All iP Series products have an on board web server that provides graphic user interface for controlling and monitoring equipment connected to the iP Series unit. This feature is available for remote use as soon as the IP address of the unit is entered in a web browser.

It is possible to control and monitor iP 1515 over Ethernet using raw TCP protocol. In this mode, any PC ( Windows, Linux, Mac ) can connect to the iP 1515 over a TCP/IP connection using a suitable TCP/IP client program. Once the connection is made, the console commands are available to the user over TCP/IP as if the user was connected to IP 1515 over the local serial connection.

The RJ11 style connector on the back of the iP1515 chassis (labeled "RS232") can be used for remote control of this unit via RS232 protocol over distances of no more than 50 feet. Commands for this control are detailed in the iP 1515 Manual in the section titled "RS232 Control and Monitoring".

To issue RS232 commands terminal software such as Windows Hyper Terminal is required. For convenience, a version of the Micro Terminal program is available for downloading from the following link. Note: this is an executable program file. Your browser or security software may issue a warning to that effect.  =>

Click here to download instructions for installing the Micro Terminal program on your computer =>Micro Terminal Installation Guide

Operation and status of the iP 1515 and connected equipment can be observed in several ways.
Each of three lights on the front of the iP 1515 turn on to indicate which of the three Power Pods have been turned on.
A "Network" LED indicates data network communications and functioning surge protection.

By way of the on board web server or an appropriate third party interface, each of the three Power Pods can be monitored to determine if connected equipment is on and consuming power.

Juice Goose developed an SNMP enabled subset of the iP Series products. Those models can be addressed with SNMP or RS232 protocol but lack some of the features of the standard iP Series models.
For additional information, click here.

The iP 1515 provides AC line protection across hot and neutral with no ground line contamination. An indicator LED on the front panel shows surge protection is functioning or in a fault condition. 

This power module features three levels of on and off control, to provide fail safe operation in the event of a system or network malfunction.

The iP 1515 has a switch on the front of the chassis which can be used to sequence on or off all switched outlets if there is a data network failure.

Should there be an internal processor fault, the Manual Override switch, also on the front of the chassis, can turn the unit on, as well.

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