Product Code: RC 5RM-RS

Price: $218.00

Remote Control Monitor

The RC 5RM-RS provides a rack mount trigger for CQ Series power sequencers. When connected to the Input control port on a CQ Series model using RJ-45 cable, the RC 5 acts as a trigger to sequence up or down any number of power sequencers connected in line "down stream" from the RC 5. Installation is simple and requires no external power supply. 

Rack mounted installations that do not require control security can use the RC 5RM-RS. For additional security see the RC 5RM with a key switch. Wall mounted triggers include the RC 5KPS, RC 5WM and RC 5WM-RS.



Sequence Up, Sequence Down and Pause Capability

Indicator Lights for Sequence Operation, Sequence Completion and System Status