Product Code: JG Private Label
Call for Price: (713) 772-1404

We'll put your company's name on our product.

For not much more than the cost of a blank rack panel Juice Goose will custom silk screen one of our JG Series power distribution units with your company's logo and contact information. This saves a rack space and ensures that your company image will remain - long after you've left the site.

The Process

Step #1 Select the Juice Goose JG Series model for your custom graphics.

Step #2 Provide Juice Goose with your preferred contact information and a digital image of your logo art (jpg, gif or tiff). Juice Goose will create a composite image of your artwork (rendering) on a photo of the product for your review. Please specify any font or ink color (Pantone or "PMS") requirements.

Step #3 With your approval of the digital rendering and a purchase order Juice Goose will place the production order with the factory in the middle of the current or next month. Complex and multiple color graphics may require a prototype front panel for approval before production is authorized.

Step #4 Historical delivery times have been approximately two months. Pandemic related shipping delays have increased that time to approximately four months. Contact Juice Goose for lead time estimates.

The Products

Juice Goose has five JG Series products to choose from. The line up includes one model with rack lights, one with no switch, two with eleven outlets and one with a twenty amp capacity. All highly dependable models feature basic power protection and generous warranties. Ask Juice Goose or your sales representative which model is best for your installations. (The JGJr is not eligible for this program.)

The Programs

To accommodate different business models and levels of commitment, Juice Goose has three programs from which to choose. Each is designed to benefit a different volume of business. 

Starting with your logo art, Juice Goose will undertake design layout and production of final artwork. (Those digital files will be sent to you upon request.) Steps are carefully planned and monitored to be sure the final product is precisely what you want.

Orders are placed early each month with an overseas factory. Scheduled arrival of each order is dependent on the time the order is placed. Juice Goose will actively monitor inventory levels and order schedules to help you keep your custom product available as needed.

Choose from three program levels.

Silver Program

This program features the lowest level of commitment, requiring a minimum order of only twenty units. Units are priced at our published 2 - 5 piece level plus $2 per unit for each color over one. There is a one time set up fee of $150. All units ordered at this level will be shipped to the customer as soon as they are imported and processed at the Juice Goose warehouse.

Gold Program

The minimum quantity for this program level is 50 pieces. At the Gold Program level there is no set up fee for single color artwork. There is a one time fee of $50 per color for each color over one. An additional production charge of $2 per unit is added for each color over one. Units are priced at our best published level. Delivery of the order may be scheduled in several releases over a period of 90 days after the units arrive in the Juice Goose warehouse.

Platinum Program

This program level requires a minimum commitment of 100 pieces. The Platinum Program has no set up fees or extra charges for additional colors. Delivery may be scheduled in several releases up to 180 days after the first units arrive in the Juice Goose warehouse. Juice Goose may elect to divide the total order into two production / import lots depending on the agreed upon release schedule.

Minimum order requirements can be satisfied by combining different JG Series models. However, there is a minimum of 20 pieces required of any one model in an order. The same graphic layout must be used for all models in the order.