Product Code: CQ 5

Price: $394.00

Single Sequenced 15 AMP Power Distribution Module with Remote Control Capability

The CQ 5 is a convenient addition to the CQ product series. It functions just like the other CQ models with plug-and-play simplicity. It mounts easily to any stable surface and plugs into any fifteen amp AC receptacle. The fifteen amp turns on with a single sequence event. Like other CQ Series models,  the CQ 5 has a sequence signal line Input and Output port to allow it to be daisy chained with any number of other CQ devices.

With the CQ 5, AV installations can be designed without racked equipment and controlled with a simple wall mounted key switch. The increased popularity of integrating a range of AV equipment into a power control “network” has created a need for distributed power control. Powered speakers, projectors and other non racked equipment can be powered on and off with the CQ 5 from the FOH location.

The CQ 5 consists of a small metal enclosure, duplex receptacle (NEMA 5-15R), two RJ45 control line ports, circuit breaker, power cord and circuitry for complete power control coordination with other CQ Series devices or a remote trigger.

Once the CQ 5 power cord is connected to utility AC and the eight wire, RJ-45 style CQ signal cables are connected to the Input and Output ports on the CQ 5 the device is ready for remote power control. That's it!