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Juice Goose remains open, operating fully with modified work schedules and processes due to public and personal health precautions.

As this pandemic continues to impact business activities, purchase orders that are not filled immediately should be delayed no more than five to seven business days. 

Feel free to contact us by email at or

Phones are manned during most business hours: 713-772-1404.


We wish safety and sanity for all our family, friends and business partners.


Juice Goose is an innovative, customer driven company that manufactures and distributes electric power distribution, conditioning and control equipment.

Power Distribution

Juice Goose has built quality AC power distribution products since 1983. We now offer four model series with different features and price points for different applications and different budgets.

Custom Vertical Power

Each of three models in the Juice Goose PD Series of custom, multiple circuit power distribution strips comes fully assembled according to a contractor's detailed specification.

Power Control

Juice Goose offers four versatile and powerful means of remote activation for AC power, CQ Series power sequencers, iP Series web based power controllers, PT Series text based power controllers and the SQ 1500 power control module. All of these high quality products have valuable features to make remote power control convenient and reliable.

Lightning Protection

Equipment installed outdoors and the cables that reach them can become effective conductors for surge energy produced from nearby lightning. Lightning need not make a direct strike to be destructive. Energy pulses induced into conductors during a lightning storm can cause significant damage to electronic gear.

Power Conditioning

AC power conditioning removes surge and spike hazards and contamination that can damage, degrade and disrupt performance of electrical and electronic equipment, including switchers and digital signal processors.


Juice Goose offers three lines of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to provide a wide range of choices in cost and features. All are backed by our unflinching customer service.


Juice Goose GMT style Fuse and Alarm Modules are developed from two product platforms, the TC1 and the TC5. Variations of these basic designs and accessory items are either included on our product list or available on request.


What makes Juice Goose an industry leader in power distribution, conditioning and control?


    A commitment to reliability is an element in everything we do.

    Since our founding in 1983, Juice Goose has gained experience in a wide range of commercial power management applications.

    We work tirelessly to provide unflinching customer service to earn and support loyal customers.

RC 5 accessories to the CQ Series sequencers provide economical remote control and monitoring capability in rack or wall mount with optional key switch, rotary knob or push button triggers. The RC 5 requires no external power supply and connects with the same, simple RJ-45 cable that is used

The Rackpower 100-20, available with a twenty amp rating, is a premium grade rack mounted power distribution unit with quality and features for the musician or audio professional. Features include a dual function power meter and USB power ports on the front and back, extra spacing between rear outlets

The CQ 5 is a convenient plug in addition to the CQ product series for remote, non racked AV equipment. It functions just like the other CQ models with easy to install and operate simplicity. It mounts easily with two flanges on the chassis and plugs right into any fifteen amp AC outlet.

Advanced processor circuitry has an output power factor of 0.90 to provide higher performance and efficiency to critical applications. High efficiency circuitry converts 90% of available current (amps) into real work (watts), reducing equipment and operating costs.

This 600 watt UPS fits in a single rack space. The line interactive design corrects incoming voltage to provide proper 120 VAC output. This process improves power line quality while reducing the need for battery usage.

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Juice Goose Support

Contact Juice Goose to place an order or simply discuss AC power mangement applications.