SNMP Control for iP Series


Juice Goose developed a subset of the iP Series products that can be controlled with an SNMP command platform. Those products include iP1515-SNMP, iP1520-SNMP and iPPD1-4-SNMP.

Pricing for the -SNMP products is the same as for the standard iP Series models.

Note: those models can ONLY be controlled via SNMP or RS232. Unlike the standard iP Series models, they can not be controlled via HTML, UDP or TCP. They also lack the current (amperage) monitoring feature of the standard iP Series models.

Simple Network Management Protocol is an Internet-standard protocol for collecting and organizing information about managed devices on networks and for modifying that information to change device behavior. In this context, the Juice Goose iP Series power distribution unit acts as a managed device in the SNMP network.

The only SNMP command structure currently supported for the iP-SNMP models is SNMPSET. That package is part of a Linux operating system, but must be added to Windows by downloading the command suite from

For additional information about the SNMP versions of these products
download the iP 15 Series SNMP Manual.