Product Code: RP100 - 15

Price: $592.00

Power Monitoring, Conditioning and Distribution
15 Amp

The Rackpower 100-15 is a premium grade power distribution unit for  musicians  and audio professionals. In addition to exceptional quality, the RP100-15 features several valuable features:

Power Meter - The two function meter reports in easy to read LED numerals the status of your power supply and consumption. Toggle between volts and amps with a convenient push button on the front of the chassis. Voltage is measured to the nearest 0.10 VAC. Amperage is measured to the nearest 0.10 amperes in a range from 0.20A to 25.0A.

USB Ports - One USB port is provided on the front and one on the back of the chassis. These five volt DC connections are usable for utility lighting or powering accessories. Connect an inexpensive, flexible USB light fixture for lighting in the front or back of the rack. Both USB ports can also be used to charge accessories including an iPhone or iPad.

AC Power Receptacles - One AC outlet is located on the front. Nine are on the back. The rear outlets are rotated to accommodate wall warts and include extra generous spacing between four of them. 

Power Input - RP 100-15A features a seven foot, fourteen gauge power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug. 

Replaceable Surge Protection - Surge protection is provided with a triple arrangement of fast response, metal oxide varistors between line and neutral. An indicator LED on the front panel shows the protection is in place and functioning. Should that LED go out, the LED package can be replaced easily at a nominal cost. 

Tour Class (TM) Chassis - This professional grade, seven inch deep enclosure is formed from a single piece of cold rolled steel. Reinforced mounting brackets and a flush mount top complete a package that's been used to rack mount other products weighing over 200 pounds. The extra chassis depth allows easy access to the rear receptacles while mounted in a rack.

Two Amperage Options - For the fifteen amp model specify RP 100-15A. For the twenty amp model specify RP 100-20A.