Lightning Protection

Equipment installed outdoors can become effective conduits for surge energy produced from nearby lightning. Surge protection devices from Juice Goose can protect outdoor components as well as amplifiers and sophisticated, head-end recording and control systems.

Juice Goose offers a wide range of protection devices for a wide range of applications including access control, CCTV, fire alarm, communications and audio. Connector styles include RJ45, coaxial and hard wired.

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Scroll down and click on links below for sample configurations that protect specific security and communications systems.

Coaxial Surge Protection
Hard Wired
Hard Wired Surge Protection
RJ45 Surge Protection






Sample Applications

Outdoor Audio Lines
Outdoor audio lines can conduct power surges which damage amplifiers as well as signal source equipment and speakers. A direct lightning strike to a speaker will be fatal for that speaker. But, lightning hitting any object nearby can induce an electromagnetic pulse into a speaker lead which will then seek ground through any path. Audio equipment on that path will be damaged. PHC Series surge protectors conduct those surges to ground without touching connected equipment.  Click here for an example of how to protect audio systems.

Access Control
Card readers, gate control mechanisms and maglocks are a few examples of can suffer damage from power surges. Central control equipment is also at risk of being damaged or destroyed by lightning hitting outdoor devices and cables. You can provide protection to these critical components. Click here for an example of how to protect access control equipment.

Outdoor surveillance is a key component of facility wide security. But, outdoor cameras on roof tops and light poles are particularly vulnerable to lightning damage. Nothing will save a camera from a direct lightning strike. But, digital recording and camera control devices need not be lost along with the camera. Together with EDCO, Juice Goose has some economical, easy to install protection options for a variety of camera types. Click here for some examples of how to protect CCTV systems.

Fire Alarm
Outdoor horns and strobes as well as communication lines must function as intended to protect life and property in the event of a fire. Power surges can damage control and communications systems as well as remote components. Click here for examples of how to best protect fire alarm systems from surges and power problems.